What we do

How do we build premium brands?

At WP we partner with Healthcare, Beauty and OTC Pharma brands to take them to new heights on Amazon.

As a full service Growth Partner, we do all the heavy lifting on Amazon to get your brand to where it deserves, our scalable model has helped dozens of brands become market leaders.

Here’s how we do it:


WP Hybrid Model™️

Our hybrid model has derived from generating consistent 7 figure revenue streams from Amazon for our clients, taking full advantage of the Seller and Vendor sales model. Each has its pros, and we tailor our approach to each ASIN.

For more information on a comparison of Vendor Vs Seller: Click Here

Supply Chain Control

Selling on Amazon requires strong supply chain control to firstly ensure legitimate stock is being sent into Amazon FC’s. it’s also crucial the the demand is accurately met, overstocking can result in charges, and under stocking has huge implications on your Supply Chain matrix and can cause long term sales losses.

Our FC’s have been prepping Amazon stocks, with a variety of MOQ’s to a 0.075% defect rate. With zero stock outs during peak, and during the COVID-19 pandemic.

1st Class End Customer Service

All our customer facing team members are Pharmacovigilance trained, and deal with customers queries quickly and effectively. On Amazon, this customer is always front and centre and you must be ready to provide them with the best.

For more information on 1st Class End Customer Service click here


3 Level Ad Strategy™️

Our 3 Level Ad Strategy helps Grow your customer base and strengthen relationships with a comprehensive Amazon Marketing strategy. The core focuses on finding new customers and winning them over, while implementation and tracking layers ensure successful execution of targeted strategies, including "New To Brand," "Competitors," and "Defensive.

"To learn more about how that works, click here.

Best In Class Listings

Its important to make a lasting impression on potential customers with a well-crafted and optimised listing on Amazon. Attract brand-conscious shoppers, but also take advantage of the huge market share opportunities presented by the platform.

We make sure your listing is clear, converts effectively, and accurately represents your brand. Make the most of your presence on Amazon and drive sales growth with a strong first impression.

Off-Amazon Strategy

Leverage the reach of Amazon to tap into 39% of all consumers in the UK, but don't limit your growth potential to only the Amazon marketplace. If your niche product has limited presence on Amazon, use tools such as Amazon Attribution, Share of Voice, or Search Term Tracking to optimise your off-Amazon marketing efforts and drive sales. Stay ahead of the competition as an early adopter while maximising your market share opportunities.


Amazon Brand Protection

Rogue 3rd party sellers, illegitimate stock, false information or any number of other factors could cause huge detriment to a brand on Amazon, especially those in healthcare. Over the last few years we’ve built both an arsenal of tools and a close relationship with Amazon to protect our clients brands.

Marketplace Management

Having a finger on the pulse on Amazon is crucial, it’s not just about protection from competitors, but from Amazon itself. With all the KPI’s set, falling short can have a huge impact on your brand and sales, but excelling can have the opposite effect.

Listing Reputation

Not only do you need high quality listings designed to attract and convert, but they need to be accurate and compliant. In the healthcare industry its incredibly important not to make false claims, but also on the same token - if you have research backed benefits to your product that could be key to gaining an advantage to your competitors, its important to use them without getting flagged down.

How do we get started?

We take great pride in making it as easy as possible to work with us and take your brand on Amazon to new heights. Here's how it works:


Discovery and Onboarding

This is done in 2 fast-paced meetings. First, a member of the WP team will discuss your current standing, and what you're looking to achieve. Then, the second meeting comprises a  strategy follow-up.


Purchase Order Placed

Things get pretty busy behind the scenes here as we set up your SKUs, onboard you to our Analytics platform; and set your brand up. We make it as simple as possible for you: we'll place an order and you send us your stock.


Initial Review

As soon as we receive your stock, we get to work. At the 30-day mark, we'll review how the initial strategy is working as well as any refinements needed.


Continous Improvement

As we work together, we'll learn more about your brand and its opportunities. We've been described as proactive, and that's the biggest compliment we could receive. We'll always be on the lookout for the best opportunities for your brand.

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