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UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain


Brand Activation, Import, Registration, Market Share Growth, Advertising


Pears is what we call a White Space brand. A very strong Unilever brand internationally that lacked awareness in the UK, making this in essence an activation project. We’ve worked closely with Unilever for the last year to bring brands over into the UK to fill in the white spaces. Since launching the brand, Pears has now reached 6 figures in sales, with strong brand authority on Amazon featuring a Brand Store, Best-in-Class listings and continues to increase Market Share.


  • Launch to 6-figure revenue brand.
  • 10+ Listings with 100+ positive reviews
  • Fully registered, compliant brand
  • EU Launch

Work Done:

  • Import and logistics.
  • SCPN (UK) and CPNP (EU) registration.
  • Compliance work (Labelling).
  • Listing creation and optimisation.
  • Brand Registry set up.
  • A+ Content.
  • Brand Store creation.
  • Amazon ads management – Highly-targeted AI-driven ad campaign with a mix of New to Brand, Competitor and Defensive.
  • Continuous growth and development.


Now that the foundations have been set with Pears, our work will aim to continue to develop this brand’s market share on Amazon (AKA Share of Shelf) by applying more aggressive advertising, and developing this into the household brand it has the potential to be. All of this will be done in addition to continuing the work to launch in the EU.


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