Buy With Prime

Why Buy With Prime is going to change the game for healthcare brands

It’s widely accepted that Amazon Prime’s logistics set-up is the best in the business, having nurtured, grown, and refined its system for over three decades to create the well-oiled customer satisfaction machine we know today.

However up until now, the e-commerce world has been segmented, with non-Amazon affiliated brands and companies forced to choose between direct-to-customer models that retain the personal touch but with it the challenge of handling payments, shipping, and returns, or outsourcing their checkout-and-beyond processes to alternative logistics sites which simply can’t compete with the Amazon’s extensive and sophisticated services.

Meaning that, up until now, sellers have had to choose between building their brand and giving their customers a truly first-class online shopping experience.

However, all this is about to change with the launch of Amazon’s Buy with Prime - the little black button that’s set to revolutionise the world of e-commerce logistics!

Buy with Prime: the best of both worlds

Buy with Prime allows sellers to keep using their DTC websites – continuing to build on their loyal customer base and cultivate their brand personality – while handing over their logistics to the experts at Prime to take care of.

Adding a Buy with Prime button to your check-out means that shoppers will still browse your unique site and connect directly with you and your brand, but that everything that happens post-purchase – let’s be honest, the boring bits – will be taken care of by Prime, allowing you to focus on what interests you most.

The Buy with Prime button gives customers the option to connect with their Prime account at your check-out and complete their purchase through Amazon, giving them the assurance that their payment, shipping and any returns will be handled in a way that’s both familiar to them and reliable – and the confidence to take a punt on a new seller.

Impressive lineage: How BwP builds on Amazon Pay

So how exactly does Buy with Prime differ from Amazon’s existing payment service, Amazon Pay?

Amazon Pay is Amazon’s tried-and-tested digital wallet. Pay has been simplifying payment options for Amazon customers on tens of thousands of non-Amazon sites and in-person shops since 2007.

Pay allows customers the convenience of using their Amazon-stored preferred payment methods and delivery details to buy from non-Amazon vendors, keeping the benefits of the protection – it’s security and guarantees - in the process.

Put simply, it’s an uber-secure checkout option that reduces the need for shoppers to create new accounts on multiple online sites, fumble in their bags for cash or cards at the till, or worry about what happens if something goes wrong with their purchase.

Think that sounds good? Well, Buy with Prime goes one step further, taking the successes of Amazon Pay and adding in Amazon services like storage, packing, shipping and returns. Not only does this vastly reduce vendor workload, but it simultaneously gives independent outfits the chance to raise their service game to the level of a world-renowned shopping giant that is trusted by millions to deliver.

Sounds great …but do we really need it?

The sceptics out there might be wondering if this is just Amazon taking more of the market share, and whether there’s really a need for another offering in this area.

However when you look around at the competition, it’s clear there’s still a huge gap in the market when it comes to DTC logistical excellence.

Whilst there’s been leaps and bounds of progress when it comes to improving website hosting and design, brand marketing and shopping features over the years, there is still nothing out there that comes close to Amazon Prime’s logistics services’ lightning-fast, high-quality delivery and returns operation that they are known, admired and loved for worldwide.

If you still have doubts, the numbers don’t lie. Amazon’s reliably excellent service pays, with the addition of a Buy with Prime button increasing conversion rates by an impressive 25%, according to internal data.

It’s time for Prime to shine

Customers have made it clear that they are hungry for even more options from their Amazon Prime experience, and the company is stepping up to the challenge of providing that with the launch of Buy with Prime.

Here at World Products, we’re working closely with both Amazon and businesses to help launch Buy with Prime, assisting savvy healthcare & beauty brands that are looking to get on board with the little black button that’s about to make a big splash in the world of e-commerce - creating a shopping experience that’s a whole lot smoother, simpler and speedier than anything we’ve seen before.