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‍ Sarakan Nature's secret to brilliantly clean teeth. ‍ ‍WP and G R Lanes began working during the height of the 2020 Pandemic whilst Amazon was booming. Tasked with reviving a forgotten brand that has suffered from a variety of Amazon issues. Stock Outs, 3P Seller Issues, Content Control and much more. Over the partnership, WP has been able to turn Sarakan into a leading Natural Dental Care brand on Amazon. WP has also introduced the entire Sarakan range into the booming Amazon EU market. WP is the full-service partner for Sarakan, managing the end-to-end service for Amazon UK/EU strategy.


  • Amazon Best Seller in Dental Care
  • Full Brand Registry Content Updates
  • Upsell and Cross Sell Achieved to Increase AOV (Average Order Value)
  • Breakthrough Post-Brexit EU Launch across 6 EU Markets

Work Done:

  • Full-Service Amazon Strategy
  • FBA/FBM (Seller Strategy- Full Prime Offering)
  • Pharmacovigilance Customer Service Team
  • New Bundle Set Up & Cross Selling
  • Full Listing Management and Optimisation
  • A+ Content/ Brand Store Design and Implementation
  • Brand Store Connection with Sarakan Brand Website
  • Amazon AI Advertising- Sponsored Product/Display/Brand/Video
  • In-house FBA Preparation (Bundling) and Stock Injection
  • New Product Launch Initiations


WP and G R Lanes continue to grow in partnership to develop their Sarakan & Teangi Ranges. Sarakan is set to become the leading brand on Amazon UK in Natural Dental Care. Beyond the UK, as aspirations develop, WP is keen to help globally launch market-leading brands.


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